Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

Your business social media accounts will be monitored to build a positive customer experience. Social media is the most preferred channel for customers to engage with businesses and brands. When people understand there’s a human behind the brand, their trust level increases. To build brand awareness, it’s all about trust and engagement. Daily and weekly posts on social media platforms will be closely   monitored and includes responses to comments and messages. 


Social Media Content Creation

 Your social media accounts will be created or revamped for success. Headers and profile pictures will be created that will resonate well with your audience and your profile will be optimized to increase leads and customers for your business. We will take time and consideration to create the best content strategy for your social     media accounts. You can expect content centered around your business that either informs, engages or inspires your audience. 


Brand Reputation & Monitoring

 Many businesses fail to realize the negative effects that bad online reviews can have on sales and business. Even worse than having negative reviews posted online is having negative reviews and not responding in a timely manner. All of your company reviews and comments will be taken care of in a timely and strategic manner. 


Website Management

 Having an up-to-date website for your business tells customers that your content is relevant and on-trend. Many potential customers will visit your website before calling or stopping by your business. It is imperative to your business to have an updated website with current specials, products and business hours.  We will update your website weekly or monthly with relevant graphics, content and pricing. 

Key benefits that professional social media management can provide:


  • A consistent, attractive, up-to-date presence—When anyone lands on your page, you want it to look current.
  • Increased awareness of your brand/business—You want your target audience to know your company’s name and think of you when they need your product or services.
  • Stronger relationships with your current community—Your relationship with you network means the world to you and you want to keep those connections strong.
  • Community Growth— Your current followers are not enough. You want a larger audience to connect with, but they need to be the right people.
  • Website Traffic—A thriving social media presence is great, but you have much more  control over content and sales on your website. You want to drive traffic from your social media platforms to your website.
  • Conversations— Responding to comments on social media platforms will create relationships and show users that you’re a real business.